Unconventional Solutions

About National Custom Materials Supply Platform

NCI’s material supply platform has been providing intimate supply and logistical solutions for retail and national clients since 1980. As a traveling contractor and installer, we (more than most), understand the challenges to get all the materials specified for a project to the site, on time, complete and without damage. Because of our unique suite of services and experience, we bring a different perspective than traditional distributors or manufacturers to provide best in class service. When you work with NCI you are not working with a customer service rep or credit department to place orders, you are working with someone who completely understands the supply chain needs for fast paced, small, national retail needs. At NCI we work with our clients to create intimate, tailored solutions that provide you with what you need versus what we have to sell!


– NCI has partners and relationships with all types of flooring manufacturers and distributors allowing us to provide carpet, walk off products, tile, LVT, and all related flooring accessories (like adhesives, sealers, transitions, base, and reducers for complete flooring solutions).

LED Lighting

NCI has a direct relationship with DYO lighting enabling NCI to provide a range of retail lighting solutions from new fixtures to lamps for national retrofit programs. Working with our manufacturing partners, we can also support national rebate harvesting, and retrofit program financing.

Special & Custom Products

NCI logistics department provide take offs, all freight, delivery and communication support for our clients, General Contractors, and installers. We photographically document all orders to ensure accuracy and quality in support of fast claims resolution management. We understand a successful project is not defined by just the product, but by the product actually showing up to the project on time. NCI logistics also leverages our platform and volume to benefit our clients for both value and service taking all this work off your plate.


National Custom is an advocate of the team concept. We believe the team concept requires total open communication. The entire team is encouraged to openly share the good and bad news, whether it is related to design, schedule or cost. This will allow all parties involved to address the issues at hand and develop the best possible solutions.

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